Connect & Conquer Definitions


An adapter is the technical bridge between the Connect & Conquer engine and the backend system.

For example:
a SQL Server adapter
a Kentico adapter
a Dynamics CRM adapter


A data source is the object which has the specific information to which specific part in the back-end system Connect & Conquer should communicate with.

For example:
The table 'Orders' in your SQL Server database
Contacts in your Kentico database
The contact entity in Dynamics CRM



A synchronization is the definition of whate data should be synced between two data sources

For example:
The synchronization "Order" will synchronize all order parent records and its child records (order items)

Synchronization step
A synchronization contains one or more steps. Each step has its specific mapping between two data sources

For example:
The synchronization "Order" has one step to sync the orders and a second step to sync the orderitems.


A mapping contains information about which attributes shoud by synchronised between a source data source to a target data source

For example:
The 'ContactFirstname' field in the Kentico EMS system should be synced with the 'firstname' field in the contact entity in Dynamics CRM.


An action is an optional task in a mapping. Before the source value is written to a target attribute the value can be transformed.

For example:
BlockAttributeIfEmpty: Prohibits writing NULL values to target field
TransformForeignKey: Transforms the orginal foreignkey to the foreign which should be used in the target backend system.