Installation Guide Server / Service

Please download Connect & Conquer (C&C) from our website.

Two seperate files must be downloaded:
- The C&C configuration client (GUI)
- The C&C server (windows service)

  Adapters installation

Video: How to install C&C


Step by Step: Installing the C&C Service

Start "Connect&Conquer Windows Service setup (x64).msi". This setup is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit Windows environments.

Adapters 32bit and 64bit

You can see the version number major, minor, hotfix, buildnumber

You can click 'Next'

End user license agreement EULA

Please read the End User License Agreement (EULA) and check the accept checkbox than click 'next'

Select destination

Select the destination folder for the C&C service

C&C settings

Now it becomes interesting.
- select the type of database where you want to store your config database: SQL Server or Oracle
- please select "Disable push services"
- please select "Run single-threaded by default"
- please select how many days you want to keep your log records
- please use the 'change' button to select in what folder you want to copy your C&C Adapters (default is de 'Adapters folder').

Click 'next'

SQL Server

SQL Server settings

- SQL Server: your SQL Server host name
- Catalog: the database name you want to use (This must be an existing database on your Server. On the first start of the C&C server the tables will be created in this database)
- Username: the SQL user name (if you don't want to use Integrated security)-
- Password: the SQL user password (if you don't want to use Integrated security)
- Integrated security: Select if you want to use Integrated security or not (The account which is running the service will be the user for integrated security)

On the first start of the C&C server the tables with be created in this database.

Click 'next'


Oracle settings

For Oracle you must have the proper Oracle client software installed on the same server as the C&C service will be running.
- Data source: the Oracle server name
- User id: the Oracle login user
- Password: the Oracle user password

The default schema for this user will be used to store the C&C config and sync data.

Click Next

Ready to install adapters

Click install

Installation finished

After a couple of seconds the setup will be finished


The C&C Service is installed and by default is not started yet. The startup type is 'Automatic'.
- If you want you can change the account for running the service
- Start the service