Quick start: Synchronizing data between Kentico and SQL Server

Make sure the C&C service is started !!


Windows services

Start the installed GUI program

start connect and conquer


You will see the following window

Main window

At first there is no connection with a C&C server by default. In the upper right you have a connection dropdown. Here you can select to which C&C server you want to connect.

Detected servers

In the dropdown you'll find a "detected servers" section. In this section you see all C&C servers in your network. By default these servers have port 5600 open. (you can change this port number in the .config file in the C&C server folder.) Please select your server.

Connected to server
C&C will detect all available adapters. In the information panel you can see these adapters. If you scroll to the left you'll see more.

The next thing you'll need to do is to add a data source to have access to you data.

please click "ADD DATA SOURCE" on the SQL Server adapter

Add SQL Data source

Then you will see there becomes a panel available to enter the data source settings

Add SQL datasource window

By default the description field is filled in with the text "New". Please overwrite this with the description you want to give. In this guide I use "MyDatabase"

Data source ERP

My database name is "MyERP". Please fill in SQL server hostname, user and pasword. If you set "Integrated Security" to True the same account will be used as the login account for the C&C service. If the panel color switches from gray color to green color the connection of the data source is successful.

Let's create another data source. This time to a Kentico instance. Make sure you have configured the REST service functionality correctly in your Kentico CMS.

please click "ADD DATA SOURCE" on the Kentico REST service adapter
add Kentico data source

Overwrite the text 'New' with a new name/description. I will use "MyKentico"

data source kentico name

Than go to configuration en provide the following settings

data source kentico config

RestUri: Type your Kentico URL starting with http://
Username: Your Kentico username 
Password: Your Kentico password
Entity Type: BizForm (This is used to build the REST service URI. When you use Bizform you have access to bizform data and most other data in the Kentico system)

If the panel color switches from gray color to green color the connection of the data source is successful.

Please continue reading in the Mapping attributes tutorial.